Mitsubishi Evo making a come back

Mitsubishi Evo making a come back

It`s the first look at an all-new Mitsubishi Evo. A sentence that, ten years ago, would have had the internet comments section in an immediate froth.

There’d be debates about how much more power had been wrung out of a two-litre turbo engine, how much the rear wing had been extended by, and just how much fun we’d all have pretending to be rally drivers when we got a go in the thing. Either in real life or on a games console.

This time though, it’s different. The Nineties’ and Noughties’ seemingly endless battle between fast Subaru Imprezas and Mitsubishi Evos, um, ended. You can still buy an STI-badged Subaru, but its spec sheet has been stagnant for years. Fast Lancers, meanwhile, are dead and buried.

The e-Evolution Concept, as Mitsubishi has named the car teased above, will be at next month’s Tokyo motor show. It, we’re told, mates Mitsubishi’s latest four-wheel-drive electric setup with artificial intelligence “under a low-slung, highly-aerodynamic SUV Coupé shape.”

Which leads us to conclude it’s a sportier, sexier, cleverer version of the really quite popular Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV, a car that launched as a pioneer but now finds itself increasing surrounded by plug-in SUV rivals.